4D Gummy Mini Fruit Pineapple Released in Japan Amos x Kanro 's first completely original recipe

From March 30, 2021 (Tuesday), "4D Gummy Mini Fruit Pineapple" will be available nationwide in Japan. This new version of popular 4D Gummy is made with real fruit juice and is our first co-development with Kanro, one of the most celebrated candy company in Japan.

4D Gummy Mini Fruit Pineapple is the third gummy item that Kanro represents in Japan. The first two items 4D Gummy Blocks and 4D Gummy Pop Bears have been a big success and received a lot of positive reviews on SNS. Amos and Kanro share the same vision to create the future with sweetness and bring smiles to people all over the world. Therefore Amos has been working closely with Kanro to continuously develop more creative and yummy sweetness to fulfill the same goal.

As the first co-developed original formula, 4D Gummy Mini Fruit Pineapple is made with natural colors and contains real pineapple juice, which is beneficial to the human body. And it is only half of the regular size of traditional 4D gummies. People of any age can enjoy it with confidence. It is an ideal choice of daily snack and also a happy sharing with friends, colleagues at work or classmates at school.

The package is a stylish design that highlights the three-dimensional uniqueness of 4D gummy. The cute 3D mini pineapple-shaped gummy offers you not only great taste but also a visual delight.