From this, 4D Gummy was born.

It is a sweet indulgence, but it’s also more. A play toy, a tool for learning, that item you’ve never seen before, the reason for sharing in our progressively social and digital lives; the possibilities are endless. Beauty and shape are very important to us. Our world is more social and expressive than ever before, and people are seeking novel ways to show off their unique personalities. 4D Gummy is for the consumer that not only wants a delicious sweet, but also desires it to look great and embody their sense of fun, spontaneity, and youthfulness.
4D Gummy wants to create a world where the image on the packaging is the same as what’s inside. We are not traditional gummies with the nostalgia and legacy of others, but we use this to our strength. We adapt and consistently offer novel, delicious treats to our social-savvy world. We want to make gummy candy exciting again, to bring the excitement back to the candy aisle, for you to build yummy fun and create unlimited possibilities. Like the first time you experienced candy floss or the first gummy bear you chewed on, 4D Gummy strives to again bring these unique experiences to your candy world.

How to build a crocodile?

How to build a crocodile?

Build Yummy Fun


To inspire sweet creativity, moments of joy, and colorful memories.

Gummy Sculptures We Build with Amos 4D Gummy Blocks


The statue stands at 5-feet-tall and contains thousands of lemon and blackberry gummy blocks of various sizes.  It took over four weeks to build and exhibited several times to showcase the building possibilities of 4D Gummy Blocks.