Amos is one of the Global Top 100 Candy Companies in 2023

to show growth despite economic conditions -Reported by Candy Industry
Amos is excited to be listed as one of the Global Top 100 candy companies to show incredible growth in 2023, despite the economy still trying to bounce back. We are stronger than ever with the expansion of our new plant with over one million square feet, and several new products launched successfully, further increasing our sales and brands.
“As the economy still tries to bounce back, the candy business seems to be booming.” Reported by the Candy Industry.
Our new plant, located in Jiangmen, includes separate manufacturing centers each for novelty, nutritional, and Halal candies. We have imported modern, automated gummy production lines from Germany and added production lines to produce mints and hard candy. We have also further advanced our R&D center, including modern logistics and warehousing center.
Amos has launched multiple new product lines in 2022, including our fresh new upgraded designs for our top seller 4D Gummy Blocks, 4D Fruit Gummy, and TastySounds Audio Lollipops, which have won a 2022 Buyer’s Choice Award in the Best Novelty category by Candy Industry in September. All of these are available now on our website and in selected stores worldwide.
“It’s a mixture of technology and candy that has redefined the way of enjoying sweets by combining bone conduction technology and sugar-free lollipop and allowing you to listen to music through your mouth while tasting the candy” says Lin, our Brand Manager for Amos.