Manila, The Philippines, 16 May 2019 – The world's candy innovator, Amos Sweets, has partnered with a local distributor to introduce 4D Gummy Blocks and 4D Gummy Fruits to multiple supermarkets in The Philippines. Each line comes in two sizes; 4D Gummy Blocks can be bought in 45g and 100g bags, with 4D Gummy Fruits in 48g and 98g bags. All sizes are currently available from Save More Supermarkets, Puregold, Robinsons, and Shopwise.

Judy Zhu, Sales Manager at Amos Sweets, said “Feedback has been sensational in other South East Asian markets, so we’re thrilled to finally launch our flagship products in The Philippines, which is one of the most densely populated countries in the world.” Convenience stores will be targeted soon with a launch planned for 7-Eleven in early June.Facebook and Instagram accounts for The Philippines have been opened for people wanting to learn more.

About Amos Sweets

Amos Sweets is the world’s candy innovator. We specialise in gummy candy, and other seasonal product types from hard candy to dextrose candy to novelty candy. Our products are sold all over the world, with our pioneering 4D Gummy Blocks leading the way. Our 4D Gummy is a new concept 'play-create-eat' sweet, which is leading gummy candy into a new, exciting era.