Shenzhen, China, 6 June 2019 – Amos Sweets’ 4D Gummy brand will be available in the Middle East for the first time ever as it partners with two distributors in Jordan and Israel.Premium Foods Ltd. is an Israeli distributor that will supply Palestine with Amos Sweets’ flagship lines; 4D Gummy Blocks and 4D Gummy Fruits, with all products being Halal certified. 4D Gummy Blocks (30g) and 4D Gummy Fruits (32g & 1kg) will be available in resealable bags from Premium Foods starting from July 2019.The companies are also looking to supply Israel with 4D Gummy products, and are currently in the process of developing products using a special fish gelatin in order to meet the market’s kosher certification.

For Jordan, Amos Sweets has partnered with retailer, Bravo Nuts Company, which will stock multiple 4D Gummy lines in their 36 private-label food stores. 4D Gummy Blocks, 4D Gummy Cupcakes, 4D Gummy Bears, 4D Gummy Cider Bottles, and 4D Gummy Fruits (all in 400g bags) will be Halal certified and co-branded between 4D Gummy and Bravo Nuts, and all will be available in resealable bags at Bravo Nuts chain stores from July 2019. Angela Ma, Sales Director at Amos Sweets, said “We are absolutely delighted to enter the Middle East market, and we believe we’ve found two excellent partners in Premium Foods and Bravo Nuts to do our products justice.” “The Middle East has huge potential. We’ve been trying to enter this area for years, and now we have a great product which is capturing the minds of customers all across this region, and as a result we foresee solid future growth” she added.

About Amos Sweets

Amos Sweets is the world’s candy innovator. We specialise in gummy candy, and other seasonal product types from hard candy to dextrose candy to novelty candy. Our products are sold all over the world, with our pioneering 4D Gummy Blocks leading the way. Our 4D Gummy is a new concept 'play-create-eat' sweet, which is leading gummy candy into a new, exciting era.