United Kingdom, 28 June 2019 – Amos Sweets has entered the UK gummy market with discount retailer, Home Bargains. Amos Sweets’ 4D Gummy Blocks are now available in 114g bags for 79p nationwide.The ‘Play-Create-Eat’ sweets come in four classic fruity flavours; strawberry, blueberry, apple, and lemon. Consumers can build their favourite structures, animals, vehicles, and characters. There are examples on the pack, but the company is encouraging consumers to play with their food, be creative, and build what their imaginations desire.Jojo Zhao, Manager at Amos Sweets, said “We’re delighted to finally enter the UK. It is a big market for us, and we know the British people love their gummies. Fans of building bricks (such as LEGO) have been enjoying Gummy Blocks for a while now all around the world, and we know there is a big following also in the UK, so we hope fans will be excited at the chance to try this edible version for the first time. We’ll be tracking feedback very closely to see how we can improve and tailor our creation to the unique tastes of the market.”

Amos Sweets is dedicated to making snack time more fun, and much like LEGO it can also be a source for problem-solving and cognitive development, but which ends with a reward for the taste buds. The company recognises that “children naturally play with their food as a means to make snack and meal times less mundane anyway, so Gummy Blocks are a new way to channel that energy and simultaneously keep children always learning and having fun,” continued Zhao.

For teenage and adult consumers, Gummy Blocks provide a novelty of a very familiar concept but in a fun-size snack form, said Zhao. Hobbyists can take pleasure in having a “continuation of their passion but from a different area of the store, and at a very different and affordable price point,” she added. There are other uses for the Gummy Blocks, too, such as “cake decorations, mixing with cereal or ice-cream, and having building competitions with friends,” Zhao added.The company plans to add to the 4D Gummy Blocks range in the future with more shapes and different combinations.

About Amos Sweets

Amos Sweets is the world’s candy innovator. Specialising in gummy candy, but also a producer of hard candy, dextrose candy, and novelty candy, their products are sold all over the world with their 4D Gummy Blocks leading the way. The 4D Gummy brand is a new concept 'play-create-eat' sweet range, which is leading gummy candy into a new, exciting era. You can find out more about Amos Sweets and 4D Gummy on their official Facebook and Instagram pages.