Brand-New Amos 4D Gummy Apple Hits the Shelves in Japan

From March 14, 2022 (Monday) , the cute and delicate apple-shaped "4D Gummy Apple" will be released nationwide in Japan. This new version of jewel-like 3D gummy with a larger candy size is an original 4D gummy jointly developed by Amos and Kanro.

4D Gummy Apple has a lovely 3D apple shape and a unique soft and chewy texture, which is the fourth most popular 4D gummy released in Japan. After the success of the first three items, 4D Gummy Blocks, 4D Gummy Pop Bears and 4D Gummy Mini Fruit Pineapple, Amos continues to collaborate with Kanro, who focuses on healthy ingredients and deliciousness, to create and develop more delicious and healthy sweets by applying advanced technology, so as to bring more sweetness and happiness to the whole world.
Amos made great efforts to innovate in the size of the candy, and for the first time, we launch an 8-gram gummy, which is larger in size compared to traditional 4D gummies, bringing you the extremely soft and chewy tastes. By applying special craftsmanship and ingredients, its surface is shining and charming. 4D Gummy Apple contains ingredients of superior quality and natural colors, one bite of this juicy gummy will have your taste buds filling with tangy apple flavor.

4D gummy Apple is the best snack for you to enjoy sweets with family, friends and colleagues. The glittery appearance, rich apple flavor and extremely soft and chewy texture will bring you infinite joy.