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Yes, our gummy candies are gluten-free, fat-free, and partial no artificial sweeteners added. Amos gummy are an novelty snack packed with a sweet, fruity flavor everyone can enjoy. Sweet gummies, giant flavor. Feel free to dig in!

We use pork gelatin in gummies that are intended for sale in the US. However, for some subdivided markets, like muslin countries, we change the ingredients to beef gelatin. Please carefully review the labeling, allergens, ingredients and other product information to determine if it is appropriate for you.

Unfortunately, these are not vegan! The ingredient of gelatin are made from pork.

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We have multiple options to suit various purchasing preferences Online - You can place an order with Amos 4D here on website, we also have amazon store (https://www.amazon.com/stores/AmosSweets/page/FC2256E3-E291-4F5F-B5EF-720F07172642?ref_=ast_bln) if you prefer to make a purchase there. or Offline - Our gummies are also available in the CVS, hypermarkets, candy boutique stores in the USA, Canada, Japan, Korea, France, Germany, Australia, Philippines, Malaysia, Singapore, Vietnam, Mexico, etc. Click here to check the full list.

Sorry that Amos 4D doesn't provide shipping service to Hawaii, Alaska and Puerto Rico.

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At this time, purchases and shipping on this website are available for US addresses only. But Amos 4D has found good offline sale in other countries like Philippines, Malaysia, Japan, etc. Learn more

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