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About Amos

Our Story


We believe that while traditional candies are delicious, they lack the creativity and excitement that truly set them apart. That's why we created Amos. It not only uses high-quality natural ingredients to carefully craft recipes, ensuring that every bite is delicious and healthy, but also experiments with innovative techniques and fun designs, pushing the boundaries of traditional candy making. Amos creates eye-catching, delicious works of art that can easily bring you an experience that sparks curiosity and wonder.


Mission.To be the world's sweet enovy, inspiring happiness and sweetness through creativity.


Story. Amos was founded by Enduo Ma in 2001 and currently boasts a global team of over 1,000 full-time employees, in addition to a strong network of self-owned factories and manufacturing partners. As news of Amos' creative confections spread, people from all over flocked to experience the magic firsthand. The Amos brand quickly became synonymous with innovation, quality, and above all, fun. Amos candies became a symbol of celebration, bringing a touch of whimsy and joy to every occasion.

Today, the Amos brand continues to inspire and delight candy lovers around the world. Amos believes that life is sweeter with a touch of creativity, and we strive to bring that joy to every individual who tastes our candies. Join us on this sweet journey as Amos continues to innovate and create exciting new confections that leave you longing for more.


Values.Respect Creativity, Dare to Explore, Enjoy Sharing, Sweet Life


Vision.To become a creativity-driven candy brand cherished by consumers worldwide, across generations.