Fun Snacks for School Lunches


Beginning of the school year! The whole family is excited, hyped up by all the back-to-school shopping, new backpacks, school supplies and brand-new clothes to show off to all the kids at school, but what the kids really get excited about every day is what they get for lunch!


It’s so important for the kids to get excited about eating lunch, lunch snacks can be a huge deal for them. We want them to be eating good balanced food so that they can have enough energy to get them through the day so that they can focus on learning in the afternoon. The best part is seeing the kids get extremely giddy to open up their lunch boxes and seeing what’s inside!


Sometimes it may be a bit difficult to have a diverse lunch prepared every night for the kids and keeping the food tasty, not smushed or soggy takes a lot of consideration. We also don’t want to take too much time to prepare the lunch either.


So of course, we have the perfect school lunch snacks that’ll keep the kids excited and wanting more!


Amos 4D Gummy Blocks


Part of the reason the kids love lunch time so much is because they can’t wait for recess, well, what if you had a snack that they can play with while having lunch? That’ll keep them in their seats until they’ve finished all their food!


With these Stackable Gummy Blocks they can exercise their brains and make their creations come to life! Playing with food allows them to see, smell, feel, hear and even taste. This sensory experience helps with language development, problem solving skills, concentration and comfort in trying new things.


See what they can build with three shapes and colors that have four different flavors! They will for sure make lots of new friends at school with this new generation of gummy.

Amos 4D Gummy Dinosaur

RAWRRRR!!! Naturally people love dinosaurs and when it comes to kids, no one can take it away from them especially the little guys! Kids are normally inclined towards animals for some reason maybe they just find them fascinating, but when it comes to dinosaur it’s a whole different story.


These dinosaur gummies are not your typical gummy candy that just lay flat down on the surface, they are so 3D and so detailed that they can actually stand up like a mini squishy dinosaur that you can devour!


Having four bite sized historically famous dinosaurs T-Rex, Triceratops, Velociraptor, and Stegosaurus at the palm of your hands make the gruesome creatures seem adorable.

Coming in four vibrant colors and flavors that for sure will catch the eye of any hyper active kid, they’ll feel the adrenaline rush of joy and affection towards these extinct animal gummies!


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